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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Current Arsenal team is the worst I've seen - Roy Keane

London: Roy Keane has piled more criticism on Arsenal by claiming their current side is the worst he has seen since he started watching the club play.

The Gunners followed up a 4-0 defeat to AC Milan in the Champions League on Wednesday by being knocked out of the FA Cup with a 2-0 loss away to Sunderland.

The Irishman's comments came during half-time at the Stadium of Light, when Arsene Wenger's side were trailing 1-0, and he believes it is the players who are letting the manager and fans down.

He told ITV: "You're on about trying to do well for your manager and once again they're letting him down. This is probably the worst Arsenal team I've seen in all my time of watching football."

Keane also criticised the decision of most of the Arsenal team to wear gloves during the match.

The former Manchester United and Republic of Ireland captain said: "From the first minute when you see five or six of the Arsenal players wearing gloves, you're talking about a reaction, you're sending signals to the opposition. I don't think a footballer should wear gloves when they're playing a professional football game."

"They've been sloppy, which led to the goal (by Kieran Richardson), there has been no focus to their passing. It's been slow, it's been sideways, it's been backwards.”


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